Welcome to the 2021 MVLA Winter Workshop!

Want to learn all about speech and debate? Our elective based winter workshop is for students from all experienced levels! Students can pick from a wide selection of beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes to explore their interests or fill in gaps in their knowledge.

Why Speech & Debate?

In speech and debate, participants develop research skills, critical thinking, and the ability to speak in front of large groups with poise and confidence. Students also see dramatic improvements in writing organization, clarity and concision of speech and prose, and ability to think quickly, critically, and from multiple perspectives.

Who We Are

The MVLA Speech and Debate team has been training students for over thirty years and has sent members to the State Tournament, National Tournament, and Tournament of Champions. We offer instruction in multiple speech and debate events, including: Public Forum, Parliamentary Debate, Lincoln-Douglas, Platform Speech, Interpretation, and Limited Prep Speech.

Why Us?

Our instructors are highly qualified, nationally ranked, and award-winning competitors. Current high-school students will foster a warm and welcoming environment that brings out the best of our students abilities. We work with each camper to develop their skills while emphasizing collaboration and team spirit.

Get to know us better

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Hear from Parents and Students

IPSA Online Camper

“I like the competitive aspect of it for the points, but I also like the kindness of each of the instructors. Never was [there a] time I wasn’t smiling or being astounded by people’s debate skills.”

ACSD Online Camper

“I liked the supportiveness and how no one would make fun of you if you mess up. The vibes given are like “we all learn together, we all fail together” sort of thing. I really liked it.”

ICSD Parent

“This camp was a great introduction to debate for my incoming 9th grade daughter. Through the supportive coaching by the wonderful student instructors and debate team coaches, my daughter developed a passion for debate and continues to be an active member of the MVLA debate team. Highly recommend this camp for all kids who are interested in exploring speech and debate!”

Sneak a Peek Inside our Camp

*disclaimer: in-person photos taken before COVID-19